Saturday, July 2, 2011

Around About

Ok, I can't take it anymore. Time has drained around here lately to the point of being a chrono-desert. But I have to dip my hand into what is left of that muddy little stream and bring you these:

The World Of Lia-DragonQuest Rules Archive-Limks

For fans this is a cool drink. It's been sitting on my desktop for days waiting to be posted...and this is just the meaty links page.

Dungeon Adventures

A slow starter but deserving of love just for this bit alone:

For those who have been enjoying the paleo-gaming articles lately (Like the Ryth Chronicles piece) there is some great stuff here circa '84.

Ghola Scale

A chronicle of projects restoring and sculpting scale fantasy and science fiction miniatures

I've never quite seen one like this before.

Avalon Hill's Magic Realm

A resource site for the game. Ton o' goodness.

Small But Vicious Dog Steals Hearts, Humps Leg

Ok, I'm not even going near a description for this one...just go forth weirdly...