Thursday, March 15, 2012

Damnit! Robin Has Done It Again

I hold him directly responsible for bringing me back to the game with Microlite 20. Haven't you done enough?!

But he has done something no other human being has ever been able to do in all my years of gaming-Robin Stacey has opened my eyes to what is great about D&D.

No, not the game, the know...5 boxes or one Cyclopedia.

I started with AD&D1e and I guess there is that something special about your first.

But I have read the D&D accolades, heard them shouted down from mountains high and still couldn't understand why in the hell would anyone want to play race as class?...36 levels? Jesus...

The list could go on...and it was a pure accident... I guess following his recent series on what the various editions have gotten right in the world of D&D (I think he may have a better understanding of the entire line than anyone I have encountered) is what got me to do a bit of paleo-blogging and read his '7 days' series:

A literal lightning bolt. I was in shock. It actually finally made sense to me. After digging through the Holmes edition (my first rpg purchase ever) all those many years ago and how I jumped ship with the meeting of my first AD&D DM.

Now I have to dig through boxes and boxes looking for all the bits and pieces I have collected and actually f****** read the damn thing!

Thanks! Thanks a lot you 18th level Stealer of Time!...I curse thee Robin Stacey!...

My reading pile is now stacked higher than my head where I sit typing this from the floor up...

Oh,thanks, I guess...damnit!...why! Why did it have to click now?!

(PLEASE NOTE: No disrespect intended to any of the fine writers whose blogs I have read with (evidently) closed eyes...until now...DAMNIT!...Now more reading...)