Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SOLO PLAY-Playing alone or 1 on 1-Part 1

When you have the urge that you just can't purge, when all have moved away or maybe just yourself. Or maybe it's just the off time.

Solo gaming, misunderstood since its beginning, is an art unto itself that is just as creative and engaging as full party gaming.

There's also the 1 on 1 adventures where a single player matches wits against the Game Master's imagination, encountering all manner of man and beast and delving deep into arcane places and deep dark forests to gain his (or her) fame and fortune.

And let's not forget game books. From CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE to the more complicated material they form an important link in gaming history that reverberates down to this day.

Too long these methods of play have been seen as a lesser form of game play. But upon further examination one can see a whole other aspect that gaming can bring even under limited circumstances.

This series will cover material you might need for those sessions. From the granddaddy of them all,Tunnels & Trolls, to Indie scene hack fests I hope to steer you to gaming gold (both free of charge and those worth paying for) that eases the urge or even opens whole new portals to the fun and excitement of the rpg and adventure gaming.

Please feel free to point me in the direction of anything I'm missing. I would love to see as much of this posted as possible. And maybe have to...uhh...sample...some myself :)