Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to the E.G.G.

So I'm sitting here doing maintenance and reading in between today and ran back across this (I am notorious for having the largest bookmark file of anyone who knows me...I might bookmark 100 places a day just so when I have 35 years I can catch up :).

For fans of not only the OSR but GreyHawk this is good stuff straight from the well of history.


(In Brief)

Back to the E.G.G., Part 1: Campaign Setting

While creating my own "Gygaxian" Greyhawk, I found myself looking back to E. Gary Gygax's Europa article from 1975. In it, he explains how one can set up a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Although his series of articles were leading towards the examination of a "dungeon expedition", it provides a very nice blackboard for developing my own Greyhawk City. (READ MORE)