Monday, January 10, 2011

I Could Die For This

But I have to take the chance considering the number of times I have ran across the subject recently:

Mid-level player games are always the best.

And the real world analogy:

It's like sports.

No one likes to watch a rookie get beat down and pulled from a game. And on the other end there is nothing more boring than watching a lazy player, gold chains dangling from their necks, make half-hearted attempts at plays because hey, they done made bank-a multi-million dollar contract - and they certainly don't want to pull a muscle and screw that up.

But it's that up and comer who has got his / her chance at making it big who goes that extra mile, runs a little faster, jumps a little higher. Go big or go home. And those are the athletes that keep fans interested.

Gaming is the same way. The mid level player knows his / her chops, has some good gear and is hungry...hungry enough to take that extra risk and make a big score. Willing to face down the darkness, conquer their own fear as they enter the abandoned temple that locals won't go near even when they just know there is treasure to be had.

That's the reason also that I'm against so called 'balance' in a game. You want a safe bet? Stay home and tend bar. Be a blacksmith. Lock your doors at night and never, under any circumstances, go near those ruins.

That place is reserved for heroes who are willing to risk it all and take the shot at the brass ring.