Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi Ho

Just a bit to update the signal. Wow, what a weekend. I just thought the wait for the new gear to arrive was fun.

No, the installation of a new hot water heater makes beating Tiamat in hand to hand look easy. Couple that with the trash flushed into the lines and now most of the faucets are plugged (waiting on parts to effect that repair) and ...well...you get the idea...

So fear not...I have been working on the alpha play test of Forsaken Souls (yeah, if you haven't checked the link I'm building my own Godzilla in the garage too) and re-tuning things a bit based on feedback and some mechanics tweaking.

I think maybe it's time to lay back and do DragonSlayer or Reign of Fire or 13th Warrior or... :)

More soon