Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Slow But Sure

Progress is being made on getting the hardware / software aspect of this series of blogs straightened out.

When an upgrade isn't always an improvement sometimes you have to move sideways. :)

First, followers of series I have running here fear not. I have a lot of drafts staged but need time to pull together the notes to complete them. I worked on indexing the next 50 issues of Dragon magazine dealing with religion some last night and hope to have that up soon. The Solo series will also continue soon as well as Building Your Bookshelf, Paleoblogging Lite and the recent Origin Of The Species: Wargames.

With the software changes I will be able to bring one shot posts up much faster which should help matters. Hopefully I'll be back on track next week (plumbing looms on the weekend horizon and a room reset for a new chair to power blog from :).

For those trapped by inclement weather I send a special shout out (the wife and I were house bound for 10 days-the only time the DOT recognizes the road we live on is when they want to raise taxes on it). Stay strong and stay online. The internet saved our sanity :)