Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clarification of the OGL topic

It seems there is a lot of confusion as to the use of the OGL, when it is needed, appropriate or necessary.

First Rule. If you are creating material for any game that has the OGL in it then you HAVE to include the OGL license in your work and abide by the license clauses.

This is not a matter of courtesy. It is the license.

Second Rule. If you are dealing with the OGL you can't use any other form of license process on the work. No CC, no standard copyright, etc.

Third Rule-This is not about money or intentions. If you create something to use in you local game then it's not necessary. But if you publish your derivative work in any manner it has to include the license and be properly filled in.

I'm not making this up or trying to spoil anyone's day. But if you are part of this scene and you haven't read the OGL you really need to. It protects your work, tells others the status of the work for re-use and satisfies the powers that be.