Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our House Redux

Since the first take on this subject turned into a mess, and with apologies to Lord Gwydion for deleting a fine comment, I have decided to take a second shot at this.

Text as follows:

I have to say I have been pretty shocked at the lack of knowledge within our community concerning the OGL and the many items that go with it over the last 2 days.

Across this and other blogs a conversation has ensued that leaves me queasy. I wonder how other publishers feel about this.

Does it concern you, as a publisher, that there are so many violations of the OGL in our community?

Does it bother you that your trademarked or Product Identity items are being used, I can only presume, without your permission?

Or that the procedure for documenting use of your copyrighted material is being ignored to a great extent?

I would like to have other publishers weigh in on this. Frankly I am very concerned.

Also, do you see any of this as a threat to the OGL? An example being WotC going to court citing a high number of violations of the license to be reason to revoke the license and thus effectively end the OSR as we know it as well as Paizo.