Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Going Dark

This year we have seen many of the regulars of the hobby that we call home leave the blogosphere most with timely notice.

But what of all the blogs that have went dark in almost mid-sentence?

Lord of the Green Dragons
Outlook is Grim
Sandbox of Doom
Sham’s Grog ‘n Blog
Advanced Gaming & Theory
Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements
Breeyark.org | "It's OK — Gary sent us."
Ode to Black Dougal
Confessions of Not a Grognard
Hamsterish Hoard of D&D

And I compiled that list in under 5 minutes...there are hundreds more. I have voiced that I thought that 2012 would be the year of the shaking out process. But I'm beginning to wonder if it hasn't been going on all along.

Up until now there have been several distinctly different groups all orbiting the world of the OSR / Indie / etc. Now it seems many of not only the larger players, many here from the start of the internet side of this, to the regular joes who don't post as often but have nonetheless added insight into the scene have just dropped off the radar.

I say it everyday-community is everything. That doesn't mean this is some big group hug kinda thing. We may battle verbally back and forth all day about a principle or topic but at the end of the day we make our world just a little better with the passion we bring to this very unique activity. I would have loved to see Joseph Campbell's take on what may well be the last modern form of communal story telling to exist.

Where this crazy boat ride takes us next no one can say. But I hope our fellow passengers are well and that we see their return.

Take care everyone, have a great holiday season and every chance you get-play often-play hard.

See you in the new year


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Plans...Just In Case

Well, after being changed, against my will...again...to a new interface at Gmail and with the changes being made that demand I upgrade my browser to a stinking pile that crashes constantly and is being version updated now every 45 seconds I am making plans that if necessary I will have a back up plan in place for moving this whole show off Google servers.

Between losing people to Wordpress, the G+ suckage that folks don't realize that when you try to revert back to your old settings it destroys your blog (have seen a lot of folks leave due to this fact as well) I took the preemptive strike of buying my own domain and have it tied currently to what is quickly becoming the hub of activity.



will become the new home more likely than not after the first of the year. I have a ton of work to do to clean out my Google accounts but I have had enough of the change for changes sake and will probably use my Tumblr acct in conjunction with some real hosting where I control what is going on a little more than when you are just begging space. It would be nice to have real file storage space again :)

So, no big changes at the moment but bookmark the above link and I will be posting it to all my blogs soon in case I decide to take the plunge and return to the world of being a real web master again (now if Dungeon Master only paid like that did back in the 90's I might have to turn pro :)

New structure might involve using Wordpress (which I loathe) but currently I only have one browser to make changes with on my blogs and I'm growing very tired of having to use 4 computers at a time when not that long ago my laptop was all I needed. Hell, I can do Tumblr from my phone!

So just wanted to give a heads up. I have voiced my opinion with the powers that be but I don't know how many others have so I will wait and see.

More as things progress...