Sunday, August 29, 2010

Likes, Dislikes and Edition Wars

An old grognard I may be but understand, whatever game you find to your liking is all right with me. I talk of the games that first caught my attention the same as others will talk of theirs.

You will find a lot here about the old school but don't think that's all I like or follow. A visit to my other haunts will show that I like cutting edge experimental material just as much.

It's the spirit of gaming that always stokes the fire that runs the engines for me. From the small publisher putting together their first project to the established mega-house putting out a steady stream of their best efforts.

This is a rich heritage and anyone involved in gaming does well not only to remember that but to take advantage of it. Try your hand at one of the retro-clones if you get the chance. Ask to see that original boxed D&D set that you heard that someone has stashed away and think how this was the first moment when this big crazy hobby first took root as we know it.

May all your gaming be filled with fun and fire and may your dice always roll true.