Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It seems today that tiles and minis are all the rage.

I find myself designing the way I have always designed. And that is without a thought to the use of miniatures. During the ‘80’s when I first played the longest sessions of my life it came down to buying miniatures and devoting the time to at least ‘antique’ the pewter figures (involving a watered down black paint that gave a nice depth to the detail of the figure and didn’t take as long as a full color job) or spend the time and money on resource items.

Needless to say that chess pieces and pennies saw a lot of use as Player Character and Orc stand-ins.

We only ever seemed to truly need them when throwing down in some major combat with a near army size opponent.

I will however be directing those who like that aspect of the game to the resources I have located online (mostly free for download and printing in the case of the paper minis) whenever possible.

Hope you find them where did those links go?...:)