Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Post

Ya know, I keep trying to post something and by the third line I'm dropping so many f-bombs I would have to change the settings on the blog to mature.

The more I look at it the less I understand.

Now keep in mind, I'm not talking about 4e fanboys or 'whatever' gamers (they play whatever is new).

No, I'm thinking about all the posts I have read over the last 2 years that has not let up on how:

(A) Nobody cares what WotC does next.

(B) WotC...who?

(C) "It'll be a cold day in hell..."

(D) "D&D...are they still doing that?"

You get the idea...and don't act like you don't recognize some of those...I have a LOT more...

I think the guys summed it up best:

Steve: Ahhhhh!

Zack: Calm down, Steve. Gygax and Arneson are both dead. They can't hurt you anymore.

Steve: People cried about them dying, but when Gygax went what we really lost was a final authority on all rules arguments. And even though the number I had for Gygax was probably no longer in service, I always had that reassuring feeling like if I was really in a jam and my characters were insisting they wanted to grapple someone I could call up Gary and ask him how to resolve it.

Zack: He's gone now, Steve, but his spirit lives on in the exciting new 4th Edition of- I can't even type that out. Does anyone play that?

Steve: It's pretty fun.

Steve: For stupid babies.

Zack: I would imagine Gygax had his detractors back in the day.

Steve: Gygax didn't have 50 writers and 100 artists and color printing. He just went out there and said, hey, here's how you subdue a dragon and sell it as a slave. Here's what a robot is doing in a fantasy game. Deal with it. I made it up, deal with it.

Zack: And now a committee has designed everything.

Steve: The stupid baby committee.


So I wonder...where does that leave us now...a game that turns out like Republicare? (You get to call it Obamacare when you pass the version he wrote, not the one the Republicans agreed to vote yes for).

Just think, if the game sucks you get to blame yourself...pretty slick maneuver isn't it?

Player #1 - Man, this D&D 5e blows...

Player #2 - Well, you designed it.