Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Heat & Gaming Madness

Ok…first off I’m posting this update in three places so if you see the title more than once or go ‘wait a minute-I just read this’ you’ll know why.

Wow, long time no post…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t worn all the markings off my keyboard…again…

First, all the projects are cooking so I’m back to 20 hour days again. It has been a wild summer so far, re-entering the wargame scene with a vengeance (and a battle cry) and sorting out all the custom content for the Arkham Horror boardgame that is floating around the interwebs…and a word of warning-back up your backups and then make a back up of that back up…seriously…this Megaupload fiasco (which is BS like most nonsense these days-invalid search warrants, whole thing gets tossed anyway, never even slowed down the pirates and the communities that use file hosting legitimately have to suffer…f*** heads…) has managed to eat up the time I had slotted for getting the first major articles for Darkness over Dunwich finished. Now I have to stop what I’m doing and get re-focused on things that make your skin crawl after sweeping through the history of wargaming (wow...lots to catch up on).

And, speaking of wargaming, GMT games recent release of Red Winter is getting high marks. I brushed it off as a minor title to start with but after further study I must say they seem to have hit the target (pun? No pun?...whatever) with this one.

I am trying to bring my A-game with these first two outings of the journals. I have plenty of material…almost too much…it’s just getting everything right that drags things down. These are not intended as one-shot publications. As I believe I have mentioned I’m trying to do (for now) 3 of each a year on an alternating schedule. That leaves plenty of time for those ‘oh s***’ moments that are inevitable.

Still exploring Kickstarter for these projects but not quite decided yet. And then there is that pesky website to finish.

Anyway, I hope your gaming is going well this hot and messed up summer and look forward to fall when maybe everyone can take a minute and relax and just enjoy the simple entertainment that gaming is at its best.

More soon…