Friday, December 3, 2010

SOLO PLAY-Playing alone or 1 on 1-Part 2


I decided to start this off with the a nod to the origin of Vancian magic in D&D. It’s an online pick-a-path so not to involved but a chance to get your solo feet wet :)

Lord of the Rings Solo Books

(From the website)

Tolkien Quest Solo Game Books - solo adventure paperback books, but this range was withdrawn due to a copyright dispute (and, according to Pete Fenlon, was a major contribution to the financial troubles of ICE culminating in their loss of the MERP license)

• Night of the Nazg├╗l (1985, #101)
• The Legend of Weathertop (1985)
• Rescue In Mirkwood (1986) (Labeled as Middle-earth Quest)

I didn’t even know these existed until I started researching the solo game topic for this series. I would say these are a bit on the collectible side, but, again, solo Lord of the Rings…awesome.

(ICE also did a few other non-MERP titles: )

• Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries line
• Murder at the Diogenes Club (1987)

• Narnia Solo Games line
• Return to Deathwater (1988)