Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis The Season

So here I sit, the extended Lord of the Rings inspiring me on during a tough time of year for me.

As the year comes to an end I have made a point of trying to catch up on my favorite blogs and output from others in the hobby.

And now it's time to recognize those that I have the privilege of knowing:

First and always is my wife, who without I would be dead. I'm not kidding and it's no joke. I can not put into words the way I feel about this very unique individual and my love for her will extend well past parting with this mortal coil. A love ghost? Hmmmm...has potential...

To Hank for opening my eyes to the hobby by explaining it to me for the first time in a new light that has lit the path for me ever since.

To Joe, who stood tall before the wagon many times. He too showed me things about gaming that I may never had noticed if not for his particular perspective on the hobby.

To Hugh, for re-igniting the passion in me that I thought had long since flickered out. And yes, I love NORMALITY and challenge all gamers to look that work I want that prequel Hugh! :)

To Matt for taking time to offer help when he is obviously slammed himself for time. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat others, and in this case a near stranger. I hope for continued success for all the NOD projects.

To the OSR community in general who have helped preserve and promote a style of gaming that is near and dear to me and sharing it with others. I can only hope to live up to the standards that have been set by these people. May your work keep growing stronger with each passing day.

To the community members who follow my blogs and a special thanks to Cyclopeatron for his big list of OSR blogs that turned me on to so many others who are rowing in the same direction.

I wish you all peace and the only gift that I have to bestow...that all your dreams come true...

Happy Holidays to one and all.