Friday, January 21, 2011

Religion in D&D-Dragon #01-50

Recently I have commented and posted on religion in the world of D&D with sources seeming to be in short supply.

After trying several online indexes to look up material printed in the magazines I have found most lacking. So I decided to index my collection and was amazed at how much material is available.

I don't know how deep I will get to go down this rabbit hole but I'll start here.

From the first 50 issues of The Dragon:

Dragon #12 The Persian Mythos

Dragon #12 The Druids

Dragon #13 The Japanese Mythos

Dragon #16 Near Eastern Mythos

Dragon #17 Angels in D&D

Dragon #19 Mythos of Australia

Dragon #28 The Politics of Hell

Dragon #29 Of the Gods

Dragon #29 The Mythos of Oceania in D&D

Dragon #29 Origins of the Norse Pantheon (added-03-20-11)

Dragon #32 The Druid in Fact and Fantasy

Dragon #33 Clerics & Swords

Dragon #35 Angels in Dungeons and Dragons (2)

Dragon #39 Try this for Evil: The Anti-Paladin

Dragon #39 Next Time, Try a Cleric

Dragon #41 Reflections of a Real-Life Cleric

Dragon #42 Demons, Devils and Spirits

Dragon #42 The Possessors

Dragon #42 Patron Demons

Dragon #48 The Druid and the DM

Dragon #48 Druid in a Dungeon? Why Not?+

If I missed something let me know so I can include it. Now I just need time to go through #51-100