Thursday, January 6, 2011

Religion in RPGs

JDJarvis over at Aeons & Augauries brought my attention to this post by JB and confirmed I wasn't the only one thinking on this subject.

In my early days of gaming religion played a large part in the game. The church and the state were the 2 most powerful entities affecting the world through smaller groups like Assassins Guilds and what not.

In notes for a sub-campaign in my own Forsaken Souls : StoneGate Sagas religion is set to play a large part in the proceedings. So I started looking for source material and even though I have lots of historical matter to draw from (I have studied The Crusades since I was a child and always fascinated by the Knights Templar-who were all but eradicated on my birth date in 1307) but noticed a lack of game related material.

This then is what I have found and I hope it helps others.

For me it started over at Inkwell Ideas with the excellent Worldbuilding: Fantasy Religion Design Guide and Worldbuilding: Fantasy Religion Design Example and his list of resources to which I added:

“Choir Practice at the First Church of Lawful Evil (Orthodox) the Ramifications of Alignment” Dragon #24

“Of the Gods” Dragon #29

"So Many Gods, So Little Time" Dragon #140

“Made-To-Order-Clerical Orders” Dragon #142

"Gods, Myth and Faith" Dragon #258

"Gotta Have Faith, Part 1" Dragon #283

"Gotta Have Faith, Part 2" Dragon #284

And finally, although not a strict cleric sub-class the Necromancer covered in the White Dwarf #35 is an interesting read.

Any information readers have please feel free to leave in comments. I will be collecting for the follow up post to this one any material GMs / Designers can use in their own settings. I am particularly interested in obscure ancient religions and their rights and rituals.