Sunday, April 17, 2011

Words To Live By

After a day of ducking bad weather and then being hit by a microburst (80mph winds was the guesstimate) that managed to drive a hole through the roof of the house and laying against the crown trying to do a temporary patch while lightning started in the distance it didn't leave a whole lot of time to work on things fantastic.

So I just started catching up some reading and ran across this in my bookmarks.

From: Old School Heretic

It is important and valuable to go back to the roots of things, if indeed your intention is to acquire some understanding of what was done and how, to learn from the past and devise your own strategies which you then take forwards and outwards and set into motion on your own terms. Going back is only useful if it facilitates our inspiration and spurs us to action. Endlessly revising, re-interpreting and regurgitating what has already been done is not what it is about --and it never was-- going back to the roots cannot be perverted into a retreat into some peculiar hegemonic orthodoxy. That way lies madness, sterility, barrenness and self-deceit. Going back is about learning, understanding and then moving on, going your own way, doing it on your own terms, using what has come before as a creative springboard or launching pad.

That is how we honor creators and innovators: by becoming our own creators and our own innovators.

Self-declared pontiffs and purveyors of empty opinions have no place in any creative undertaking, be it a movement of artists, a school of thought, or a swarm of nerds armed with colorful dice.

We're better than that.

All of us are better than that.

Look deeply into the roots of things, drink deep and then cast your lot.
It is the oldest way to bring something really and truly new into the world.

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