Friday, January 20, 2012


So it would seem the world has went Wizards crazy over the last few weeks and I am personally tired of looking at their f****** name EVERY TIME I look at the Eternal Keep.

I became involved in the OSR because it seemed to be a home for people who were trying to carry on the spirit of gaming from it's origins.

But the last few weeks have really made me question what this is all about. I have promoted, freely and without charge, the work of those involved in the OSR in many ways and places. I have spent a great deal of personal time maintaining and adding those who have come along over the last year to my blogs and in my posts.

But now it just seems like I have been sitting in a lobby full of people just waiting for Wizards to hack up a fresh hairball.

What happened to the 'old school'? What happened to common sense?

This whole reprint issue is insane. Buy a damned DMG off Amazon for $10-15 and send a donation to the Gary fund.

As for myself this is where the Wizards train ends.

At this point I am a supporter of Pathfinder and will begin to adjust things to highlight a company that encourages me to develop and even sell material for the new Beginners Box.

Microlite is what brought me back and 3.x/OGL/OGC is really the only reason I'm in the RPG side at all.

It has been an interesting ride, but so many people have left the blog community this last year and now it seems that all I'm going to hear until GenCon 2013 is WotC WotC WotC then I think I need to rethink what I'm doing here.

Expect changes and as always may all your rolls be 20's...