Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things I Be Mad Hatin'-Part 1


Here was my 'feedback' to Google upon attempting to create a post on their new Blogger interface which I will kindly call ASS:

This interface is awful. Now I understand why so many people have been complaining.

If you are really trying to run off all of your user base you are on the right track.

I give this a 0/10 and if I'm going to be forced to learn a new interface I will just go get a website and start coding my own pages again.

If this is about making all users into Google+ users I would like to be told so at this point. I have no interest in G+. If I wanted to be on a social network I would be on Facebook with 850 million other users. Blogging IS my social network.

I am now reverting back to the old interface. I hope you will continue to offer it as an option.

Contact them and register a complaint about the endless interface changes. Things suck bad enough already but I swear I am not going to try to sort out that PUKE just to make a post.