Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hip Deep in the Arcane and the Divine

How time flies when you are buried under notes and keyboards. You lose track of time (trust me, I have looked up after a furious keyboard session only to notice it was the time I should be waking up.

But all is well...as can be expected :)

The spell system that I have had to all but design from scratch (yes, I am legally insane at this point) is FINALLY coming together, but since it is both radically different and the key element in the system I'm working on it is crucial that I get it right. More notes on that over at Forsaken Souls as things develop...

Meanwhile, I am working on the next series of posts (spent 2 days doing back ups and finding all my notes) and hope to have those up shortly. I had hoped for today, but it was a really really bad day. Now I am just tired and not tired and pissed off. :)

Well, maybe still a little...:)