Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I ran across Matt Stater’s LAND OF NOD blog while searching for OSR material and must say that if all of his work is as good as the first issue of NOD then Matt is assured a steady readership.

From its clean layout to the professionalism of the writing Matt has assembled an excellent resource for use with just about any Old School FRPG.

The bulk of this issue is composed of a sandbox hex crawl entitled THE WYVERN COAST. And although it is very much its own setting my first thoughts were of a friend and fellow DM picking up one of the early Harn packs. It has that ‘this is familiar yet I’ve not seen this before’ feel (always good in a hobby where so much has already been done).

(From his storefront)

In this first issue of NOD, you can explore the Wyvern Coast, a sandbox hexcrawl with over 190 encounters. There are six new classes, three new races, a random village generator, a dozen new deities, new monsters, and more! Compatible with most Old School game systems.

This first issue is available for free download:

The current issue is #4 with #5 not far behind.

Issues 2-4 are available at in both print and e-book editions.

I highly recommend checking out the first issue and then visiting his blog and storefront for more gaming goodness.