Friday, March 11, 2011

Agree or Disagree-Opinion Poll Time

So I'm scanning down ESCAPE and spy this:

Sneaky Fourth: Hero Points
Under New Rules, the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide introduces Hero Points. These are very similar to my house rules of Action Points from the Eberron setting in 3.5. Essentially, Hero Points give players more options, as well as some control over when things like character death happen. I like this in particular because it gets rid of the 'meaningless death' issue in many fantasy RPGs - where the player fails one roll and her character plummets to her death, or is killed by the save-or-die spell, in a way that doesn't further the story whatsoever. Screw that.

It got me to thinking and I was wondering how this concept sits with others.

I mean, isn't the point of the game that you have a chance at great wealth or success or whatever your character motivations are and at the same time a chance at dying, possibly a horrible death?

Share your thoughts if you would please...I'm curious how others feel about it...