Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doing The Right Thing.

I just wanted to take a moment and cover something I have been running across throughout the blogosphere of late.

The majority of people in the community of the OSR are using the OGL and some variant based on the SRD. Lately I have noticed an increase in folks not doing a proper license page at the end of the document or on their blogs and this could have potentially harsh repercussions for the rest of the community.

We are being watched by the majors on at least a casual basis. WotC would love nothing more than to pull the SRD and the OGL and have us go away. And before you say they can't do that just remember-with enough money and enough lawyers a sympathetic judicial ear is all they need to ruin everything that has been built. Showing that people are not following the license properly is enough to have the license overturned.

And when I say being watched I mean for example Mike Mearls posting his proper email address out at Planet Algol the other day and Erik Mona posting at Sword & Shield about their no-show at GAMA 2011 and why.

These can be found at:

You Need a Account to Email WOTC?!?!

GAMA 2011 Report: When the king abdicates the throne...who will rule?

So they are paying attention. And I think they understand, especially Wizards, that we amount to more than the 5% +/- market share that we think we represent. I would almost guess 25-30% is closer and that gets everybody's attention. Paizo has the most to lose because it would destroy them and by using us as the example it makes everyone look sloppy.

So I implore you, please please put your proper license notice with your work. And if you need help just ask. This is one of the most knowledgeable communities of its kind and the most talented group of people I have had the pleasure to engage with. Let's keep it that way.

We're here to help and anyone who can post anything I've missed please feel free to do so.

Thanks for the eyeball time.