Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Rant

Apologies for the Robo-Posts lately. I have been trying to re-arrange my work space to speed things up and have nothing left to write with when done in the evening. I promise Story Time has several drafts in the works and I will get the series back on track asap.

I'm pushing hard to have my starter for Forsaken Souls at the GenCon OSR booth (if they'll have me :) ) . I'm just learning Hexographer and have so far designed 2 maps- Cow Flop 1 and Cow Flop 2- so need some more work there. I'm finishing the Combat section (hopefully) today and proofing as I go for the first alpha.

If anyone knows of a VTT software that lets you input a custom system into it and doesn't require a degree in programming please drop a link to it in comments. I would like to play test it on VTT as part of preparing the beta.

Ok, it's book shelf moving time..ugh .